U-Link has developed and implemented College Essay Writing Workshops which allow students to develop powerful ideas and write their college essay. The workshops are designed so that students will have a concrete idea and an essay that is near completion. Students leave with a clear understanding of the final steps needed to polish, edit and complete their essay. After discussions with many students we have found that adding a follow up session one on one with the student (after they reflected and worked on their essay)  really helps the student feel a sense completion and that the essay is ready to be sent in with their application.

     For many students writing their college essay is something that they put off and avoid. Not all students are good writers. Many have the concepts and ideas, but putting it all together is hard for them. With the added pressure and competition placed on the essay for College admission, writing the essay takes on even more significance.

Giving students individual guidance on writing their essays is pivotal in motivating the students and giving them the tools and structure to complete this daunting task. Many students are procrastinators. Being in a position where in three dedicated hours they can take a big step towards completing their college essay lifts a huge burden from students and parents alike.


Students will bring their laptops and their initial ideas. If they are applying to  colleges which have additional prompts they should bring these with them. We will do an initial presentation to get them started and thinking about their writing. We then give them time to write their essays, working with them individually to guide their writing so that they can tell “their story”. Students will have guidance at every step of the process. The end result of this session is that the students are close to completing their essays. The session ends with final instructions for editing and completing the essay.


There are many scholarships available to high school students. For most of them the scholarship committee wants the student to share “their story”. By writing “your story” at the workshop you will be able to adjust aspects of the essay to make it fit the requirements of a scholarship essay.

College Essay Writing Workshops


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