College Essay Writing Workshops


After two years of these workshops and over 70 students attending the 

Colleges our students have been accepted at include:

University of Washington, Washington State, University of Oregon, Seattle University, University of Idaho, Manchester University (England)

"Before getting help from this program, my essay lacked depth and emotion. Mr. Gervis helped me understand that to write a powerful essay I needed to write from the heart, dig and dig deeper” 

“With your help I was able to generate a whole lot of ideas for my essay. I liked the small exercises we had and the tips you provided on how to think of things to write about!"

“I felt that within the workshop there was direction and it made sense, even my other teachers and my parents were surprised and happy over the results.”

“The workshop definitely helped me, it made my essays unique and it was good to have lots of one on one attention during it.”

"Before coming to this class I did not even know how to start even possibly thinking about any of the five essay questions, now however, I feel confident that I can successfully write about any of them." 

"I also learned how to find a significant moment in my story and turn that into an introduction sentence that grabs the reader and makes someone want to read my essay." 

"This was a great workshop! I am glad that I was able to ask questions about things that I wasn't sure about especially the order and ideas of my essay. Also, I appreciated the help with brainstorming ideas because at first, I really wasn't sure on how to get my ideas on paper."

"I was totally intimidated at first when I realized I was going to go in and try to write my entire college essay but as I got more and more into it, I realized that it isn't a lot to ask at all and I'm really glad we got into it so fast. I didn't really know what this would be like going into this, but at the end of the day, I'm really glad I did, thanks for everything."

Originally the workshops were held at Eastlake High School with the approval of the PTSA, the workshops have since moved locations with students from local high schools such as Mount Si, Roosevelt, Inglemoor, Skyline, and Issaquah attending. Running start students as well as students from Eastern Washington and China (through SKYPE) have been part of the workshops.

Students comments about the workshops

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