For many students, the College search is confusing and frustrating. There are so many different things to consider, from location to environment, to the size of school, to the course selection, to programs abroad, to whether the school has fraternities and sororities. These are, of course, just a few of the questions that could be asked. Each student has their own set of questions, questions that are vital to their particular College search.

When I meet with the student. My goal is to find out who they are and what they are about. Most students come to the College search with some preconceived notion about what they want from a College. This is a great starting point, but they have only their own experiences and information they may have researched. What I try to do is find out what schools they are likely to be accepted at based on their GPA,  test scores and interests.  From there we work on the college list and all aspects vital to find their criteria for College selection.

In my initial discussion with the student. I work with them to find their priorities, whilst at the same time exploring other avenues of choice that may affect the final decision. For example a student who is interested in business might find it desirable to go to College which has clear connections to internships in local businesses.  

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why use an independent College counselor

a narrative from one of my students  parents:

"Today's College search is typically long, complex and stressful, instead of trying to help your student navigate a process that in no way resembles your own experience, you can avoid power struggles and nagging about deadlines while pushing your student to find the "right" school.

Instead, as senior year approaches, let your focus be enjoying those special moments with your son or daughter before they leave home and begin their College journey. Your link can help your student prepare to choose a school, write essays and navigate the complex process of College applications to obtain the best possible match and the optimal financial package. He obtained information from us and our student before embarking on a journey that not only helps our students find a school there excited about but also one that we felt was a good match. He assisted our student in gaining some insight into their readiness the College is a senior year could be spent building up those areas that were deficient such as waking up on their own, self-monitoring their time, and improving communication with instructors. I can truly say that senior year was much less stressful with this assistance. I student life at College excited well-prepared and is thriving "