The importance of the College essay

The College essay is now often the determining factor that college admissions officers use to grant admission. For most students the essay is the hardest part of the process of getting into college. Writing a personal essay is never easy and with such high stakes attached to it, it is something students simply want to put off.

How do college admissions officers view the application essay?

“Your essay is your one shot at communicating who you are and why someone should admit you”

“The first thing we read is the essay. It sets the tone for the entire application”

“We want essays that come straight from the heart”

“Something that will distinguish this applicant from anyone else”

To help students with their essay we created college essay writing workshops

We created specific, targeted exercises and coaching to get the students from an outline to a final draft of their college essay in four hours. We develop their skills so they can successfully evaluate their work, which in turn will lead them to submitting essays that stand out from the crowd. We are seasoned English and writing teachers who bring high standards and commitment to excellence. By asking the right questions we are able to guide students to excel in writing their essay. Upon completion of the essay, an additional service we offer is the opportunity to work with an editor one on one to polish grammar and mechanics.

    Adam Gervis

     I have been a teacher of social studies and English for sixteen years in the Lake Washington School District. My passion has always been working with students in developing their writing skills. In teaching, I encouraged students to strive for excellence and to make well-reasoned decisions about their writing. Using my skills and experiences, I have created a thoughtful, innovative, goal-oriented, and well- reasoned three hour workshop that gives the student the information and coaching to write a college essay that tells “their story” and stands out. This is followed by two further one on one meetings where the student gets to further explore their essay and other writing pieces of the application process.


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College Essay Writing Workshops and Independent College Counseling


 A Three hour intensive Workshop

A chance to tell your story




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